Miscellaneous Class Recordings

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  Young Men and Women - Examples to Be Followed / NOT to Be Followed Steve Fontenot
  Why Can I Not Be a Member of THAT Church? Steve Fontenot
  Internal Evidences Steve Fontenot
  Fall Ladies Class Sandra Bernard
  Basic Traits of Good Character Steve Fontenot
  Bible Survey Steve Fontenot
  Spring Ladies Class Linda Ottersbach
  Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage Steve Fontenot
Denominationalism & Its Doctrines Steve Fontenot

Spring Ladies Class

Lauren Hutson
  Epistles of Peter & John Matt Ennen
  Miscellaneous Topics Local Men
  Fall Ladies Class Pat Fontenot
  Exodus Doug Bernard




Spring Ladies Class  
  The Church Doug Bernard
  As [you love] Yourself Steve Fontenot
  Gospel of John Rocky Rodriguez
  Fall Ladies Class  
  Genesis Steve Fontenot



Jeremiah Steve Fontenot

Family Steve Fontenot

Mountaintops of Faith - The Resurrection Todd McAdams
  2nd Corinthians Keith Suttle

Fall Ladies Class  



Ezekiel Steve Fontenot

Synoptic Gospels Steve Fontenot

Calvinism Sam Walters

Holy Spirit Steve Fontenot

Religious History Wallace L. Ottersbach

Fall Ladies Class  


  Jesus Commends Steve Fontenot

Plan of Salvation Steve Fontenot

Authority Steve Fontenot

Evangelism Craig Moore

Fall Ladies Class  

Minor Prophets Rocky Rodriguez

1st Corinthians Doug Bernard



Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage Steve Fontenot
  Miscellaneous Topics Based on Questions Steve Fontenot

Mormonism & Jehovah's Witnesses Wallace L. Ottersbach

Revelation Steve Fontenot

Fall Ladies Class  



Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther Steve Fontenot

Acts 13-28 Index Mike Head

Fall Ladies Class  

Psalms Craig Ottersbach

Worldliness Rocky Rodriguez



Fall Ladies Class  

Acts 1-12 Steve Fontenot

The Church Steve Fontenot

Galatians, James & Jude Michael Gove

Isaiah Rocky Rodriguez



Spring Ladies Class  
  Charismatic Movement Steve Fontenot

Sermon on the Mount John Whitehead

Prison Epistles Craig Moore

Fall Ladies Class  

Hebrews Wallace L. Ottersbach

Divided Kingdom Mike Head



Spring Ladies Class  

Messianic Prophecies Wallace L. Ottersbach



Spring Ladies Class  

Ecclesiastes Michael Gove

Fall Ladies Class  

Proverbs Doug Bernard



Worship Craig Moore

Fall Ladies Class  

Romans Wallace L. Ottersbach



Religious History Wallace L. Ottersbach











































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