Internal Evidences - December 2020 - February 2021

Teacher - Steve Fontenot unless otherwise indicated

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Internal Evidences C7 - Human Testimony: Populace


Internal Evidences C6 - Human Testimony: Disciples


Internal Evidences C5 - Human Testimony: John the Baptist

1/6/21 Christians Are... Doug Bernard
1/3/21 Christians Are... Doug Bernard
12/30/20 Teaching Our Children-Grandchildren Rocky Rodriguez

Prayer & Teaching Our Children in These Difficult Times 

Rocky Rodriguez
12/23/20 Internal Evidences C4 - Human Testimony - Jesus Own Claims  
12/20/20 Internal Evidences C3 - Reliability of the Copies Copying Exercise

Internal Evidences C2 - How old are these four documents?

12/13/20 Internal Evidences C1 - Four historical documents  



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