What Must I Do To Be Saved?

This question was asked on three different occasions in the book of Acts: 2:37; 16:30; 22:10. One was told, "BELIEVE in the Lord Jesus, and you shall be saved…" 16:31. Others were told, "REPENT, and let each of you BE BAPTIZED…for the forgiveness of your sins…" 2:38. Another was told, "Arise, and BE BAPTIZED, and wash away your sins…" 22:16. Why three different answers to the same question? Because they were at different locations on the road to salvation. If someone traveling south on Hwy. 59 stopped at Cleveland, New Caney, and Porter and asked, "How far is it to Humble?" they would get three different answers to the same question. The Philippian jailer was at "Cleveland" when he asked the question and was told he must "Believe…" Note that after hearing the word of the Lord, "immediately he was baptized" (vv. 32-34). The Jews on Pentecost were at "New Caney." They already believed when they asked and so were told, "Repent.." They, too, were baptized "that day" (v. 41). Saul was at "Porter." He had already believed and repented and was told, "Arise and be baptized…" One cannot reach salvation without doing all threeBelieve AND repent AND be baptized. Steve Fontenot

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