Sermons - 2017

All sermons by Steve Fontenot unless otherwise noted.

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Dec 31, Sun AM - This year, God will know…. (Dt 11:12, “the eyes of the Lord…are always on it, from the beginning even to the end of the year.” God will always know my presence, my problems, my prosperity, and my faithfulness ... )

Dec 24, Sun AM - Christmas/Christ’ birth  (celebrations, date, where, who, why)

Dec 24, Sun PM - Relabeling/Repackaging Sin  (sins of 1Pt 4:3 relabled - “Christmas/New Years party”; "dance”; “having fun”; “MardiGras"; “prom night celebration”)

Dec 17, Sun AM - Why do the wicked prosper?  (Men who stuggled with this is question: Jer12:1; Job; Habakkuk; Asaph, Psa 73)

Dec 17, Sun PM - Five reasons to give from Philippians (short lesson previous to budget meeting)

Dec 10, Sun AM - Mark 7 and Christmas Celebrations 

Dec 10, Sun PM - The Pope (Francis), the Bible, and Translations

Nov 26, Sun AM -  Thanksgiving Service  (Appropriate for the church to have a thanksgiving service?)

Nov 26, Sun PM - Lk 17:11-19  (The Miracle, the Gratitude, the Faith)

Nov 19, Sun AM - Multi-cultures and Faith 

Nov 19, Sun PM - Interactions with Multi-cultures

Nov 12, Sun AM - Ac20:28, "Shepherd the Flock of God Among You”   (slides)

Nov 12, Sun PM - Honesty   Andre Villarreal 


The following lessons were presented by Kris Emerson in Humble, TX, Nov 3-5. 

Nov 3, Fri PM - Coming to Mount Zion   (slides)  (notes)

Nov 4, Sat AM1 - Making Time for God  (slides)  (notes)

Nov 4, Sat AM2 - Wielding the Shield  (slides)  (notes)

Nov 5, Sun AM1 - Remembering His Death  (slides)  (notes)  (bookmark)

Nov 5, Sun AM2 - Following the Shepherd  (slides)  (notes)

Nov 5, Sun AM3 - Praying with Perfection  (slides)  (notes)  (notecard)


Oct 29, Sun AM - Messages from the prophet Zephaniah  Rocky Rodriguez

Oct 22, Sun AM - Messages from the prophet Habakkuk  Rocky Rodriguez

Oct 22, Sun PM - Love is Patient  Josh Carlton

Oct 15, Sun AM - Two Questions about the Gospel Story  (slides)

Oct 15, Sun PM - When Serving God Hurts  (slides)

Oct 8, Sun AM - Boys Will Be Boys  (slides)

Oct 8, Sun PM - "Since that time…no prophet"  (slides)

Oct 1, Sun AM - Too Much Salt (danger of improper emphasis)  (slides)

Oct 1, Sun PM - Neglect and the Problems it Causes

Sep 24, Sun AM - The Thief on the Cross  (slides)

Sep 24, Sun PM - Micah  Rocky Rodriguez

Sep 17, Sun AM - In everything give thanks 1Th 5:16-18 

Sep 17, Sun PM - Scriptures, songs, prayers focusing on prayer (no recording)

Sep 10, Sun AM - Church Benevolence  Ac 2,4,11; 1Co 16; 2Co8,9; Rom 15 (slides)

Sep 10, Sun PM - Messages from Jonah    Rocky Rodriguez

Sep 03, Sun AM - Teaching, Learning, and You   (slides)

Aug 27, Sun AM & PM - No services due to flooding from storm Harvey

Aug 20, Sun AM - Courage   (slides)

Aug 20, Sun PM -  Amos  Overview of Amos in three points  Rocky Rodriguez

Aug 13, Sun AM - Here Was A Man(1)   (slides)

Aug 13, Sun AM - Here Was A Man(2)   (slides)

Aug 6, Sun AM - The Great Physician - Mk 2:15-17; Mt 8::16-17 ; Lk 4:16-30  (slides)

Aug 6, Sun PM - Hosea  Overview of Hosea in three points  Rocky Rodriguez

July 30, Sun AM -  The Good Shepherd - Jn 10; Psa 23    (slides)   

July 23, Sun AM - Make All Things According to the Pattern   Do “as the Lord has commanded” is equivalent to “according to the pattern” as evidenced by the instructions for the construction of the tabernacle - Ex 25-40. In the NT also, Christians are exhorted to follow the pattern just as the Lord commanded.   (slides)

July 23, Sun PM - “holy spirit” not always “The Holy Spirit”  Is “holy spirit” always “the Holy Spirit” or can it refer to “a holy spirit”? Several passages considered.  (slides)

July 16 Sun AM - Present Your Bodies a Living Sacrifice   Discussion of Paul’s exhortation to present our bodies as a living and holy sacrifice (Rom 12:1-2). What does the imagery of “sacrifice” connote? “Living”? “ “Holy”? How do you “prove” what is acceptable to God? What is the motivation Paul uses to encourage this?   (slides)

July 16 Sun PM - Character or Caricature   Discussion of the difference in CHARACTER and CARICATURE in our view of God and of ourselves, e.g., does God both LOVE and HATE? Should we?  (slides)

July 9, Sun AM - Summertime Attire  (slides)  (Should Christians wear bathing suits at the pool or on the public beach? Some Scriptural principles considered.) 

July 9, Sun PM - Walk as Wise Men  (slides)  (Consideration of the exhortation in Eph 5:15-17 with a contrast to how and what men allow to guide their lives today)

July 2, Sun AM - Miracles   (slides)   (Has God given MEN TODAY the POWER TO PERFORM MIRACLES as He did to certain ones in the Bible? Discussed the purposes and duration of miracles.) 

July 2, Sun PM - Thy Word is Truth (slides) (Discussed the reliability of “science” versus the reliability of the Bible and how the view we take affects the truth concerning Jesus Christ.)

June 25, Sun AM - Baptism for “them”? Mt 28:18-20  (slides) (Topic: Is baptism for saved people or unsaved people? What baptizing “disciples” implies.)

June 25, Sun PM - Interpretation   (slides)  (Discussed important observation in interpretation, i.e. “spirit” not always the Holy Spirit; looked at “spirit” in Rom 8:15-16; 1Co 2:10-12; Jn 6:63; Rom 8:26)


The following lessons were presented by Coy Baldwin in Humble, TX, June 16-18. 

June 16, Fri PM - Where Does It All Fit In?  (slides) (Discussed priorities. Where does family, money, self, the Kingdom, fit in. Heaven is worth it all.)

June 17, Sat AM1 - It Is Time To Grow Up  (slides) (Discussed characteristics of children we need to have: simple faith, compassion, forgiveness—and characteristics of children we need to let go of: tattling, self-glory, envy, all  play and no work, fighting over trivialities, pouting.)

June 17, Sat AM2 - Solving the Problem of Friendship  (slides) (Discussed the influence friends have, negatively and positively, and what is a good friend—respects God, respects you, respects themselves, pursues peace, helps in times of need, someone you can trust. Most important friend, Jn 15:13-14.)

June 18, Sun AM1 - I Have To Go To Work  (slides) (Discussed God’s plan that we work, and principles that will help us the kind of workers God approves e.g., respecting authority, working your best, being honest, and having correct priorities.)

June 18, Sun AM2 - Tomorrow  (slides)  (Discussed realizing the measure of our days, redeeming time, and procrastination, then suggested some guidelines to avoid wasting time, i.e., serve God first, apply ourselves, focus on God’s Word, pursue wholesome recreation, forgive, stop worrying. It is time to serve God now, 1Pt 4:1).

June 18, Sun PM - What Is It All About?  (slides)  (Discussed God’s ultimate plan for making us in His image and sending His Son to save us and this pertains to why all the things discussed in this meeting matters.)


June 11, Sun AM - Our Family Inheritance (moral and spiritual) 

June 11, Sun PM - Arguments for General Church Benevolence  (slides)

June 4, Sun AM - Exhortation to Attend Classes

June 4, Sun PM - 2Co 9:13; Ac 24:17; Gal 6:10; Jam 1:27 — General Benevolence?

May 28, Sun AM Memory

May 28, Sun PM - Immorality   Dan Fontenot

May 21, Sun AM - How to Guard Against Doctrinal Apostasy  (slides)

May 21, Sun PM - Interpretation - “Father” “Son   (slides)

May 14, Sun AM - Serving God for Our Good   (slides)

May 14, Sun PM - Holy Spirit Will Convict the World Jn 16:8   (slides)

May 7, Sun AM - Churches Then...and Now  (slides)

May 7, Sun PM - “Father”/“Son" - Jesus Christ  (slides)

Apr 30, Sun AM  - Why People Lose Their Faith   (slides)

Apr 23, Sun AM  - What Shall We Do? Ac 2:37   (slides)

Apr 23, Sun PM  - Greet One Another With a Holy Kiss  (slides)

Apr 16, Sun AM  - Easter and the Resurrection   (slides)

Apr 16, Sun PM  - Patterns: Life and Death   Steven Schoolcraft

Apr 9, Sun AM  -  Denominationalism (I)   (slides)

Apr 2, Sun PM  - "Flee Fornication” - How?   (slides)

Apr 2, Sun AM  -  When We Come Together - Prayer   Sam Walters

Apr 2, Sun PM  -  Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage    Rocky Rodriguez

Mar 26, Sun AM  -  Overcoming Bitterness   Todd McAdams

Mar 26, Sun PM  -  Every Man’s Battle   Todd McAdams

Mar 19, Sun AM  - Ten Miracles   (slides)

Mar 19, Sun PM  - Glorify God in Your Body   (slides)

Mar 12, Sun AM  - From the Beginning It Has Not Been This Way   (slides)

Mar 12, Sun PM  - Capital Punishment - Objections Considered   (slides)

Mar 5, Sun AM  - More Love to Christ

Mar 5, Sun PM  - Capital Punishment    (slides)

Feb 26, Sun AM  - Dry Bones Live! Two Sticks Become One (Eze 37)   (slides)

Feb 26, Sun PM  - God and His Purposes   (slides)

Feb 19, Sun AM  - Local Church’s Teaching Program   (slides)

Feb 12, Sun AM  - On Being Slandered   (slides)

Feb 12, Sun PM  - Christian’s Married to Unbelievers or Hypocrites   (slides)

Feb 05, Sun AM  - Things the Blood of Christ Will Not Wash Away   (slides)

Feb 05, Sun PM  - The Name of the Church   (slides)

Jan 29, Sun AM  - The Bible, God’s Revelation to Man   (slides)

Jan 22, Sun AM  -  Giving ... Who? How Much? Why?  (slides)

Jan 22, Sun PM  -  1Co 13 - A Still More Excellent Way   (slides)


The following lessons were presented by Bruce Reeves in Humble, TX, January 13-15. 

Jan 13, Fri PM  -  The Great Commandment - Mark 12:28-34   (slides

Jan 14, Sat AM  -  Friend of God - Abraham - Romans 4  (slides)

Jan 14, Sat AM (2)  -  A Graceless Life - Mark 10:17-22  

Jan 15, Sun AM (Class)  -  Rock of Refuge - Psalms   (slides)

Jan 15, Sun AM  -  The Lord’s Supper   (slides)

Jan 15, Sun PM  -  Why Does God Allow Suffering?   (slides)


Jan 08, Sun AM  -  Plan of Salvation   (slides)

Jan 08, Sun PM  -  Work of the Local Church    Rocky Rodriguez

Jan 01, Sun AM  -  Teach us to Number our Days - Psalm 90  (slides)

Jan 01, Sun PM  -  With Resolute Heart   (slides)