Sermons - 2016

All sermons by Steve Fontenot unless otherwise noted.

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Dec 25, Sun AM, Baptism  Rocky Rodriguez

Dec 25, Sun PM - Materialism  Rocky Rodriguez

Dec 18, Sun AM, Tis the Season

Dec 18, Sun PM, God Prepares Ezekiel   (slides)

Dec 11, Sun AM, "But from the beginning it has not been this way” Mt 19:8

Dec 04, Sun AM, Angry about God’s Grace

Dec 04, Sun PM, Are you Putting Too Much Trust in Man?  Craig Rice  (slides)

Nov 27, Sun AM, A Defense - 1Pe 3:15-16

Nov 27, Sun PM, Woman’s Worth

Nov 20, Sun AM, Present Your Bodies - Rom 12:1-2

Nov 20, Sun PM, Transgenderism

Nov 13, Sun AM, Reviled

Nov 13, Sun PM, Transgenderism


The following lessons were presented by David Smitherman in Humble, TX, November 4-6. 

Nov 4, Fri, Voices from Heaven (from the book of Revelation) (slides)

Nov 5, Sat1, Answering Life’s Most Important Question (Is the Bible from God?) (slides)

Nov 5, Sat2, What did Jesus Build when He built the church? (study of Eph 2:11f) (slides)

Nov 6, Sun1, How to Know I’m a Disciple   ("love”) (slides)

Nov 6, Sun2, Unity in Diversity  (slides)

Nov 6, Sun3, What are “first principles”?  (slides)



Oct 30, What shall I do with Jesus who is called Christ?

Oct 30, Sun PM, What shall I do with Jesus who is called Christ? (II)

Oct 23, Sun AM, Prison Prayers

Oct 23, Sun PM, Hell

Oct 16, Sun AM, Faith, Rocky Rodriguez

Oct 09, Sun AM, Repentance  Matt Ennen

Oct 09, Sun PM, Encouraging One Anonther Like Barnabas.  Sam Walters

Oct2, Sun AM, Gospel Redemption vs. “New Age”/Gnostic “Redemption”

Oct 2, Sun PM, Grace   Rocky Rodriguez

Sep 25, Sun AM, Three Dispensations

Sep 25, Sun PM, Work of an Evangelist

Sep 18, Sun AM, Playing Religion

Sep 18, Sun PM, A Contrite Sinner’s Prayer for Pardon - Psa 51

Sep 11, Sun AM, Anger

Sep 11, Sun PM, Godhead   Rocky Rodriguez

Sep 04, Sun AM, Lessons from Death (2)

Sep 04, Sun PM, Amazing Grace

Aug 28, Sun AM, Lessons from Death

Aug 28, Sun PM, Overcoming Worry

Aug 21, Sun PM, Denominationalism vs the Bible

Aug 21, Sun PM, Authority   Rocky Rodriguez

Aug 14, Sun AM, Studying the Bible - Why?

Aug 14, Sun PM, Woman’s Worth

Aug 7, Sun AM, Vain Worship - Mark 7

Aug 7, Sun PM, Authority   Rocky Rodriguez

July 31, Sun AM, Looking to Jesus

July 24, Sun Am, The Christian’s Dress

July 24, Sun PM, Gospel Accounts of Jesus confirmed by His Resurrection

July 17, Sun AM, Gospel Accounts of Jesus

July 17, Sun PM, Analogies and Argumentation

July 10, Sun AM, Analogies and Argumentation

July 10, Sun PM, Sensuality   Rocky Rodriguez

July 3, Sun AM, The Hour

July 3, Sun PM, Barnabas the Encourager

June 26, Sun AM, Moral Responsibility   (slides)

June 26, Sun PM, Faulty Views of “Fellowship"

June 19, Sun AM, The Goverment of the Church (3 kinds)   (slides)

June 19, Sun PM, Heaven and Why I Want to Go There


The following lessons were presented by Todd McAdams in Humble, TX, June 10-12. 

June 10, Fri PM, Jolted by John

June 11, Sat 9:30 AM, The Unconquerable Reign of the Lord’s Anointed 

June 11, Sat 10:45 AM, “Jesus Wept”

June 12, Sun 9:30 AM, Chew on That!

June 12, Sun 10:30 AM, “I Know that My Redeemer Lives!” Part 1

June 12, Sun 5:00 PM, “I Know that My Redeemer (Avenger) Lives” Part 2


June 5, Sun AM, Bad Times

June 5, Sun PM, Bible Dogs   slides

May 29, Sun AM, Remembering the Wrong Things

May 22, Sun AM, Why Do You Delay?

May 15, Sun AM, Premillennialism’s Grave Consequences #2   (slides)

May 15, Sun PM, Seeming Contradictions 

May 8, Sun AM, Mistaken Expectations of the Church

May 8, Sun PM, The Contribution of 57-58 AD 

May 1, Sun AM, Let Us Bring Back the Ark  (PDF1) (PDF2)

May 1, Sun PM, Making the Most of Your Time

April 24, Sun AM, Social Media and Christian Responsibility

April 24, Sun PM, Repentance     Javier Leal

April 17, AM, Seeming Contradictions

April 17, PM, The Christian’s Dress   Rocky Rodriguez

April 10, Sun AM, Not Everyone …   (slides)

April 10, Sun PM, Disciplinary Love

April 3, Sun AM, Premillialism’s Grave Consequences   

April 3, Sun PM, Adultery - Pro 7:24-27



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Mar 27, Sun AM, I Want to Serve God, BUT … (39 min)

Mar 27, Sun PM, Salvation is “in Christ” (43 min)

Mar 20, Sun AM, Service to Brethren  (40 min)

Mar 20, Sun PM, Mishandling the Word of God illustrated with Cremation  (43 min)

Mar 13, Sun AM, Alcohol and the Christian  (42 min) Coy Baldwin  (slides)

Mar 13, Sun PM, Homes Built of a Rock (40 min)

Mar 06, Sun AM, Worshipping in Bethel and Dan (45 min) (Adhering to the Divine pattern)

Mar 06, Sun PM, Homes Built on a Rock  (37 min)  (based on principles in Mt 5)

Feb 28, Sun AM, The Most Important Thing in Life (36 min)

Feb 28, Sun PM, Five Agents in the Conversion of the Eunuch  (40 min)

Feb 21, Sun AM, Requisites to Salvation   (44 min)

Feb 21, Sun PM, Training your children (26 min) [lesson one on Feb 7, pm]

Feb 14, Sun AM, Do not cast away . . .   (46 min) Sunday Ayandare

Feb 14, Sun PM, Report on work in Nigeria   (55 min)   Sunday  Ayandare  (slides)

Feb 7, Sun AM, One Faith in a Multicultural World  (37 min)

Feb 7, Sun PM, Training Your Children (36 min) [lesson two on Feb 21, pm]

Jan 31, Sun AM, God’s Man in the Family   (35 min)

Jan 24, Sun AM, I don't believe in God because …  (30 min)

Jan 24, Sun PM, I don’t believe in God because …  (43 min)


The following lessons were preached in a weekend meeting, Jan 15-17, Humble, TX

Jan 15, Fri PM, “By the Word of God” vs Organic Evolution   Levi Allen   (22 min)

Jan 15, Fri PM, Sing with or without Mechanical instruments?   Craig Ottersbach    (22 min)

Jan 16, Sat AM1, Glorifying God in the Workplace   Keith Suttle   (21 min)

Jan 16, Sat AM1, Geology and Evolution   Matt Ennen    (21 min)   (slides)

Jan 16, Sat AM2, Oil and the Age of the Earth   Michael Gove    (23 min)  (slides)

Jan 16, Sat AM2, Spiritual Safety   Neil McLeroy    (11 min)

Jan 17, Sun AM, The Light of the World   Sam Walters   (18 min)   (slides)

Jan 17, Sun AM, The Foundation of the Church  Rocky Rodriguez   (20 min)  (outline)

Jan 17, Sun PM, Is God an Unjust Judge?   Javier Leal   (24 min)

Jan 17, Sun PM, Prayer   Alex Urena   (19 min)


Jan 10, Sun AM, When Saints Assemble … (40 min)

Jan 10, Sun PM, Ricochet Teaching   (36 min)

Jan 3, Sun AM, Giving When We Come Together   Sam Walters   (35 min)   (slides)

Jan 3, Sun PM, Respect for the Silence of the Scriptures   Javier Leal   (31 min)