Sermons 2015

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Dec 27, Sun AM, Can Every Sunday be Special?   Matt Ennen

Dec 27, Sun PM, Materialism  (slides)  Rocky Rodriguez

Dec 20, Sun AM, The Virgin Birth

Dec 20, Sun PM, Challenges to Youth

Dec 13, Sun AM, Promise of the Gift of the Holy Spirit, Acts 2:38

Dec 06, Sun AM, A Strange Birthday Celebration

Dec 06, Sun PM, Homosexual Expose

Nov 29, Sun AM, Beginning Right IV  God’s works and laws are good”

Nov 22, Sun AM, Beginning Right III Man is a unique being, uniquely responsible to God

Nov 22, Sun PM, Singing   Sam Walters (slides)

Nov 15, Sun AM, Facing the Future with Faith

Nov 15, Sun PM, Gal 6:10


The following six lessons were presented by Ross Triplett in a weekend gospel meeting, November 5-8, Friday-Sunday. The theme of these lessons address the moral decline in our society, what is the cause, and where it leads. What is our responsibility?

   ︎ Friday, A Lack of Knowledge Causes Destruction: Hosea 4:1-10   (slides)

   ︎ Saturday AM, A Generation Not Knowing Jehovah: Judges 2:1-13    (slides)

   ︎ Saturday AM (2), Why Few Find the Way: Matthew 7:13-14    (slides)

   ︎ Sunday AM Class, Steps to Effective Development: 2 Peter 3:18    (slides)

   ︎ Sunday AM, Moral Courage: Daniel 3:17-18; Hebrews 13:6    (slides)

   ︎ Sunday PM, God’s Ready Servant: Romans 1:14-15    (slides)

Nov 1, Sun AM, Mark 16:17-20 

Nov 1, Sun PM, Beginning Right II The Word of God is Powerful and Authoritative

Oct 25, Sun AM, Scripture +

Oct 25, Sun PM, Ricochet Teaching, Preaching

Oct 18, Sun AM, Attitude in Worship    Sam Walters  (slides)

Oct 18, Sun PM,  Dishonesty   Rocky Rodriguez   (slides)

Oct 11, Sun AM, What do I say…?  Matt Ennen

Oct 11, Sun PM, Dealing with Infirmities  Javier Leal

Oct 4, Sun AM, Families - What if…?

Oct 4, Sun PM, Beginning Right I - God is the Creator and Ruler of the Universe

Sep 27, Sun AM, “To eat and drink” (Four views of life)

Sep 27, Sun PM, Shame   Javier Leal

Sep 20, Sun AM, “Lord, to Whom Shall We Go?"

Sep 20, Sun PM, Singing - Why? What? How?

Sep 13, Sun AM, World Religions 

Sep 13, Sun PM, 10 Principles: Is it Right or Wrong?  (slides) Rocky Rodriguez 

Sep 6, Sun AM, The Preacher Who Couldn’t Quit, Jer 20:9

Sep 6, Sun PM, Evolution vs the Bible

Aug 30, Sun PM, The God We Worship

Aug 23, Sun AM, Worthy art Thou

Aug 23, Sun AM, Discipline of Children

Aug 16, Sun AM, What’s the Difference?

Aug 16, Sun PM, Why are you a member of a church of Christ?

Aug 9, Sun AM, Opinions

Aug 9, PM, 10 Principles: Is it Right or Wrong? (slides) Rocky Rodriguez

Aug 2, Sun AM, The Evil One

July 26, Sun AM, “What is Man that You are Mindful of Him?"

July 26, Sun PM, Traditions  Coy Baldwin

July 19, Sun AM, The Lord’s Church is Different

July 19, Sun PM, Foolishness in the Child

July 12, Sun AM, Dress your body “for the Lord”

July 12, Sun PM, Acts 15: An Example of Ascertaining Authority

July 5, Sun AM, "Let Love Be Without Hypocrisy” Rom 12:9

June 5, Sun PM, Unity - Eph 4

June 28, Sun AM, Trials when Surrounded by Ungodliness

June 28, Sun PM, Stir, Stir Up

June 21, Sun AM - Lessons from a father   (slides)   Sam Walters

June 21, Sun PM - Not of this World (slides)  Rocky Rodriguez

June 14, Sun AM - The God Appointed Music in Worship

June 14, Sun PM - Appointment of Elders


The following six lessons were presented by Roger Bruner in a weekend gospel meeting with a theme of addressing spiritual growth ...

June 5, Friday - Challenging Our Faith   (slides)

June 6, Saturday #1 - Challenging our Faith II - Understanding the Will of the Lord (slides)

June 6, Saturday #2 - Enmity and Wisdom  (slides)

June 7, Sunday AM Class - Faith and Hope - How are they related?   (slides)

June 7, Sunday AM - Purpose and Plan of the Church   (slides)

June 7, Sunday PM - Rightly Applying God’s Word


May 31, Sun AM - Walk in Moral Wisdom

May 31, Sun PM - Servant Wounded for Our Transgressions  (slides)   Rocky Rodriguez

May 24, Sun AM - Loving God and Loving Truth

May 24, Sun PM - Who is the Lord that I Should Obey His Voice?

May 17, Sun AM - The Power of God   Javier Leal

May 17, Sun PM - Accepting Responsibility

May 10, Sun AM - The Great Robber

May 10, Sun PM - Work of Elders

May 3, Sun AM - Baptism: It’s Uniqueness and Dignity

May 3, Sun PM - Titus 1 - Overview of Elders Qualifications   (slides)

Apr 26, Sun AM - Futility   (slides)

Apr 26, Sun PM - Four Lessons Learned from Hezekiah  Rocky Rodriguez  (slides)

Apr 19, Sun AM - Elders children   (slides)

Apr 19, Sun AM - Elders children (forum)

Apr 12, Sun AM, A Portrait of Jesus   (slides)

Apr 12, Sun PM, 1Tim 3 - Overview of Elders Qualifications   (slides)

Apr 5, Sun AM, Psalm 23   (slides)

Mar 29, Sun AM, Jesus and the Inspired Scriptures   (slide - “jot” and “tittle")

Mar 22, Sun AM, Psa 32, 38 (slides)

Mar 22, Sun PM, His Servants   (slides)   Rocky Rodriguez

Mar 15, Sun AM, What it Means to Preach Jesus   (slides)

Mar 15, Sun PM, 1Tim 3 - Overview of Elder Qualifications   (slides)

Mar 8, Sun AM, Perfect Faith  Andrew Brockner

Mar 8, Sun PM, Preach the Word   Sam Walters

Mar 1, Sun AM, Love “One Another”   (slides)

Mar 1, Sun PM, Paul on Trial   (slides)

Feb 22, Sun AM, Eph 2:8-10, Grace…works  (slides)

Feb 22, Sun PM, My Servant - Four Servant Psalms  (slides)   Rocky Rodriguez

Feb 15, Sun AM, "I need a change” II   (slides)

Feb 15, Sun PM, Useful to the Master, 2Tim 2:20,21   (slides)

Feb 08, Sun AM, “I need a change    (slides)

Feb 08, Sun PM, Christ, The Perfect Sacrifice   Javier Leal

Feb 01, Sun AM, NT Letters - Pattern for Churches?

Feb 01, Sun PM, NT Letters - Pattern for Churches II

Gospel Meeting, January 23-25, Bubba Garner

     Jan 23, Fri PM, We Saw Thee Not, but We Believe

     Jan 24, Sat AM, When Dreams Turn to Doubt

     Jan 24, Sat AM, The Devil Unveiled

     Jan 25, Sun AM, How to Listen to a Sermon

     Jan 25, Sun AM, I Want to be a Worker

     Jan 25, Sun PM, Following the Lord Fully

Jan 18, Sun AM, One Another

Jan 18 PM, Worthless Grapes   Sam Walters    (slides)

Jan 11, Sun AM, Inheritance of Faith   (slides)

Jan11, Sun PM, The Messiah and His Rule  Rocky Rodriguez   (slides)

Jan 4, Sun AM, Thoughts for a New Year Col 1:9-12   (slides)

Jan 4, Sun PM, Love that Destroys   (slides)