Jeremiah Recordings - December 2017 - February 2018

Teacher - Steve Fontenot

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Class lessons for Jeremiah & Lamentations

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12/3/17 Introduction (Jeremiah, the man; History; Contemporary prophets; Message of the book)
12/6/17 Chapter 1 (Jeremiah’s consecration and commission)
12/10/17 Chapters 2:1-3:5 (Love and faithfulness of Jehovah in contrast to the disloyalty and idolatry of Israel) 3:6-4:4 (Call to the “faithless” to “return”)
12/13/17 Chapters 4:5-6:30 (Trumpets of war/judgment)
12/17/17 Chapters 7:1-8:17 (Vain trust, obstinacy bring certain judgment)
12/20/17 Chapters 8:18-10:25 (Lament over God’s nation, God’s people)
12/24/17 Chapters 11-13 (Broken covenant; plots against Jeremiah; judah forsaken; compassion to wicked neighbors; Judah’s pride)
12/27/17 Chapters 14-16 (Droughts; Jeremiah’s complaints and appeal; Restoration)
12/31/17 Chapters 17-18 (Judgments, Warnings, Prayers—Jeremiah's)
1/3/18 Chapters 19-20 (Judah will be broken and slaughtered; Jeremiah beaten and imprisoned; his prayer of complaint and his depression)
1/7/18 Chapters 21-23 (Judgments against last four kings; Promise of a righteous king—David; Judgments against the prophets)
1/10/18 Chapters 24-25 (Babylonian captivity; Judgment on all nations)
1/14/18 Chapters 26-28 (Jeremiah versus false prophets)
1/17/18 Chapters 29-30 (Letters to exliles in Babylon; false prophets in Babylon; restoration and return)
1/21/18 No Jeremiah class - Gospel Meeting
1/24/18 Chapters 31-32 (Restoration and Return)

Chapters 32-35 (Return to land; Restoration-Messianic; Zedekiah’s covenant; Rechabites)

1/31/18 Chapters 36-37 (Jeremiah Writes a Scroll; Jehoiakim Burns It; Chaldean Siege Lifted; Jeremiah Imprisoned)
2/4/18 Chapters 38-39 (Jeremiah cast into a cistern; Jerusalem conquered; Jeremiah and Ethiopian unharmed)
2/7/18 Chapters 40-43:7 (Events after the fall of Jerusalem)
2/11/18 Chapters 43:8-45:5 (Jeremiah Prophesies In Egypt; Counsel And Assurance To Baruch)

Chapters 46-48 (Judgment against Egypt, Philistia, Moab)


Chapters 49-51 (Judgment Against Smaller Nations, Babylon)

2/21/18 Chapter 52; Lam. 1 - (Jeremiah (ch52); Lamentations (Intro, Ch1))
2/25/18 Lam. Chapters 2-3 - (Lamentations (Chs 2-3))
2/28/18 Lam. Chapters 3-5 - (Lamentations (Chs 3-5))


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