Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage  Dec., 2014 - Feb., 2015

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Class lessons for MDR (latest edition uploaded 3/1/15)

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Dec 07 Sun AM, Attitudes (1)

Dec 10 Wed PM, Attitudes (2)

Dec 14 Sun AM, Definitions (Marriage)

Dec 17 Wed PM, Definitions (Marriage)

Dec 21 Sun AM, Definitions (Marriage) (Special study on “covenant”)

Dec 24 Wed PM, Definitions (Marriage)

Dec 28 Sun AM, Definitions (Divorce)

Dec 31 Wed PM, Definitions (Adultery)

Jan 04 Sun AM, Definitions (Fornication); Passages: Mt 5

Jan 07 Wed PM, Passages: Mt 5; Mt 19

Jan 11 Sun AM, Passages: Mt 19; Mk 6; Mk 10

Jan 14 Wed PM, Passages:Rom 7

Jan 18 Sun AM, Passages: 1Co 7

Jan 21 Wed PM, Passages: 1Co 7; Positions: I-Not Under Any Divine Law

Jan 28 Wed PM, Positions: II-Not Under Law of Mt 19, 1Co7; III-Baptism Changes the Relationship

Feb 01 Sun AM, Positions: III-Baptism Changes the Rela.; IV-All Marriages Scriptural

Feb 04 Wed PM, Positions: IV-All Marriages Scriptural; V-Fornication, Adultery Desolves the Marriage Bond; VI-One Free, Both Free; VIII-Sense of the Passage

Feb 08 Sun AM, Positions: IX-Principles; X-1Co7:27,28, Divorced can marry without sin

Feb 11 Wed PM, Positions: XI-Deserted believer not under bondage; VII-The Divine prerogative

Feb 15 Sun AM, Positions: XII-Procedure not specified

Feb 18 Wed PM, Positions: XII-Procedure not specified

Feb 22 Sun AM, Positions: XII-Procedure not specified

Feb 25 Wed PM, Positions: XIII-Other Reasons for Lawful Divorce; Review

Mar 08 Sun AM, Re: correspondence with a preacher and an elder Rocky Rodriguez