Sermon Recordings - 2020

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All sermons by Steve Fontenot unless otherwise noted






2/16/20 PM The Faithful God    
2/16/20 AM Faithful    
2/9/20 PM 5 Trials of Jesus Rocky Rodriguez 5 Trials of Jesus
2/9/20 AM Church of Christ Apostasy    
2/2/20 PM I was delivered out of the mouth of the lion    
2/2/20 AM Self Esteem    
1/26/20 Faith is Seen in Baptism Shawn Briggs  
1/26/20 Faith is Beneficial Shawn Briggs  
1/26/20 Faith Requires Humility Shawn Briggs  
1/25/20 Faith Teaches Us to Trust Shawn Briggs  
1/25/20 Faith is a Process Shawn Briggs  
1/24/20 Faith Comes by Hearing Shawn Briggs  
1/19/20 PM Forum - Lord's Supper in 2nd Assembly    
1/19/20 AM Authority for the Lord's Supper in the 2nd Assembly    
1/12/20 PM Dinosaurs and the Bible    
1/12/20 AM Emotionalism in Worship    
1/5/20 PM The "new man" - Eph 4:23-24
1/5/20 AM Encouragement for Reading the Scriptures    


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