Sermon Recordings - 2018

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1/7/18 AM Challenges for the New year (I) - 2018  
1/7/18 PM "Silence is golden" ... or a bit yellow    
1/14/18 AM Challenges for the New year (II) - 2018    
1/14/18 PM Messages from Zechariah Rocky Rodriguez
Gospel Meeting (1/19-21/2018)
1/19/18 PM Underestimating God's Grace Reagan McClenny Graphical Representation
1/20/18 AM1 Dealing with Anger in a Godly Way Reagan McClenny Dealing with Anger
1/20/18 AM2 Raising Children to Know God Reagan McClenny Raising Children
1/21/18 AM1 When My Love to Christ Grows Weak Reagan McClenny When My Love
1/21/18 AM2 Seeing My Level of Faith in the Gospel of Matthew Reagan McClenny Seeing My Level of Faith
1/21/18 PM "Let US Go Down" - Lessons from the Tower of Babel Reagan McClenny  
1/28/18 AM Christ - Our Example in Perseverance  
1/28/18 PM Pursue Peace and Sanctification  
2/4/18 AM Religion by the Book  
2/4/18 PM The Truth Shall Make You Free  
2/11/18 AM The Book Aborted  
2/11/18 PM Responsibility for Causing Sin  
2/18/18 AM GOD - Foundation of Right Thinking  
2/18/18 PM "With All Your Heart"  (What does it mean?)  
2/25/18 AM Fruits of Evolution
2/25/18 PM

With All Your Heart (II) ["double heart"; "singleness of heart"]

3/4/18 AM I'm Only Human
3/4/18 PM With All Your Heart (III)    
3/11/18 AM She Did Not Consider Her Future (Lam 1:9)    
3/11/18 PM

Mt 18:15-18

3/18/18 AM

You Did Not Serve Me (Mt 25:31f)

3/18/18 PM

 A Church Contribution (Acts 4:32-5:11)

3/25/18 AM You Did Not Serve Me (II)   You Did Not Serve Me (II)
3/25/18 PM Divine Emotions    
4/1/18 AM Playing with Fire    
4/1/18 PM Divine Emotions (II)    
4/8/18 AM Playing with Fire (II)    
4/8/18 PM Why did Christ Tell the Apostles Not to Go to the Gentiles? Matt Ennen Why did Christ Tell the Apostles Not to Go to the Gentiles?
4/15/18 AM Thy Word is Truth     
4/15/18 PM

Parable of the Sower, Mk 4

Matt Perez  
4/22/18 AM I Believe; Help my Unbelief    
4/22/18 PM

Apostles’ Prayer Ac 4:23-31

4/29/18 AM Catholicism & the Bible Alex Urena  
5/6/18 AM Pillar and Ground of the Truth    
5/6/18 PM Mark 2 Matt Perez  
5/13/18 PM Pillar and Ground of the Truth (II)    
5/20/18 AM The Samaritan Woman, John 4 Rocky Rodriguez  
5/20/18 PM The Idle Man, Proverbs 6 Craig Rice  
5/27/18 AM Time    
5/27/18 PM Failure to Disciple    
6/3/18 AM Why Will Men Not Come to Christ?    
6/3/18 AM Acts - Sequel to the Gospels    
6/10/18 AM What Will You Give In Exchange…?    
6/10/18 PM Ezekiel's Vision of the Glory of the Lord    
6/17/18 AM At Jesus' Feet   At Jesus' Feet
6/17/18 PM The Rapture    
  Gospel Meeting (6/22-24/2018)    
6/22/18 PM Psalm 19 – Sweeter than Honey George Slover Psalm 19
6/23/18 AM1 Psalm 29 – The Voice of the Lord George Slover Psalm 29
6/23/18 AM2 Psalm 15 – Matters of Integrity George Slover Psalm 15
6/24/18 AM1 Introduction to the Psalms George Slover Introduction to the Psalms
6/24/18 AM2 True Worship – The Praise Psalms George Slover The Praise Psalms
6/24/18 PM Psalm 130 – In Over Your Head George Slover Psalm 130
7/1/18 AM Faith Rocky Rodriguez  
7/1/18 PM Nakedness Matt Ennen  
7/8/18 AM Consider What God Allows Craig Moore  
7/8/18 PM Love Covers a Multitude of Sins Todd McAdams  
7/15/18 AM Death    
7/15/18 PM 1st Cor. 7 - PRE-marital Considerations    
7/22/18 AM Modesty    
7/22/18 PM Forum - Modesty    
7/29/18 AM Choosing Righteousness whatever the cost (Moses, Joseph) Sunday Ayandare  
8/5/18 AM Faith of our father Abraham Sunday Ayandare  
8/5/18 PM Sunday Ayandare report Sunday Ayandare Nigerian Work
8/12/18 AM

Sins of Ignorance

8/12/18 PM Philippians Theme - Rejoice    
8/19/18 AM Attitudes to Live By    
8/19/18 PM Salvation by Grace    
8/26/18 AM The Time Has Been Shortened    
8/26/18 PM

The God We Worship - Lev 10

9/2/18 AM

Sin - Nature, Guilt, Consequences, Remedy

9/2/18 PM Preaching, Teaching - Divine Expectations    
9/9/18 AM Peter's Faith, Failure, Return Lk 22:31-34    
9/9/18 PM

Responsibility to Work 2Th 3; Col 3

9/16/18 AM Philippians Alex Urena
9/16/18 PM Integrity Craig Rice  
9/23/18 AM Repentance   Repentance
9/23/18 PM Atonement   Atonement
9/30/18 AM  Godly Sorrow vs Worldly Sorrow    Godly Sorrow vs Worldly Sorrow
10/7/18 AM Philippians (II) Alex Urena  
10/7/18 PM Truly, Truly Rocky Rodriguez  
10/14/18 AM Personal Growth Matt Ennen  
10/14/18 PM Trenches Josh Carlton  
10/21/18 AM The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength   The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength (AM)
10/21/18 PM The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength (II)   The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength (PM)
10/28/18 AM What's the Difference?   What's the Difference?
10/28/18 PM

Repentance, Confession, Grace


Repentance, Confession, Grace

11/4/18 AM

Autonomy of the Local Church


Autonomy of the Local Church

11/4/18 PM Supporting Retired/Disabled Preachers   Supporting Retired/Disabled Preachers
11/11/18 AM When Marital Love is Evil   When Marital Love is Evil
11/11/18 PM

One Cup (are multiple containers for the Lord’s Supper authorized)


One Cup



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