Sermons 2014

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All sermons by Steve Fontenot unless otherwise noted.

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Dec 28 Sun AM, Brevity of Life   (slides)

Dec 21 Sun AM, “we have come to worship Him” Mt 2:2   (slides)

Dec 21 Sun PM, Christ—Son of Man, Son of God, Lamb of God   (slides)   Rocky Rodriguez

Dec 14 Sun AM, Spiritual Person   (slides)

Dec 14 Sun PM, Testing Those Who Desire to Serve as Elders   (slides)

Dec 7 Sun AM, The Faith Principle   James Devoll   (slides)

Dec 7 Sun PM, Dancing   James Devoll   (slides)

Dec 3 Wed PM Class, Maturing in Christ   Wally Ottersbach

Nov 30 Sun AM Class, Abortion (2)

Nov 30 Sun AM, What Can I Do?   (slides)

Nov 26 Wed PM Class, Abortion

Nov 23 Sun AM Class, Indwelling of the HolySpirit (2)

Nov 23 Sun AM, Daniel 2 Fulfilled in the Spiritual Reign of Jesus Christ   (slides)

Nov 19 Wed PM Class, Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

Nov 16 Sun AM Class, Suicide - Right or Wrong (Part 2)

Nov 16 Sun AM, Be All the More Diligent   (slides)

Nov 16 Sun PM, If anyone sets his heart on being an overseer   (slides)

Nov 12 Wed PM Class, Suicide - Right or Wrong?

Nov 9 Sun AM Class, Evangelism  Rocky Rodriguez   (slides)

Nov 9 Sun PM, Here I Am, Send Me   Rocky Rodriguez  (slides)

Nov 9 Sun PM, God Comforts His People   Javier Leal

Nov 5 Wed PM Class, Can Christians be Soldiers, Policemen, Carry Weapons?

Nov 02 AM Class, 1Co 11:1-16 - The Covering  (Rod’s handout 2pages) (Steve’ handout 2pages) 

Nov 02 AM, Satan’s Attack on the Family   (slides)

Nov 02 PM, Questions of Life as We Advance in Years 

Oct 29 Wed PM Class, The Days of Creation   (slides)

Oct 26 AM Class, The Days of Creation   (slides)   (questions)

Oct 26 Sun AM, Four Point Approach to Evolution   (slides)

Oct 26 PM, Guard Yourselves from Idols, 1Jn 5:21  (slides)

Oct 22 Wed PM Class, The Days of Creation   (slides)   (questions)

Oct 19 Sun AM Class, Who Baptizes You   (slides)   (questions)

Oct 19 Sun AM, False Concepts of God   (slides)

Oct 19 Sun PM, Read and Teach God’s Word   (slides)

Oct 15 Wed PM Class, Confessing Sin Publicly   (slides)

Oct 12 Sun AM Class, Confessing Sin Publicly   (slides)

Oct 12 Sun AM, Grace, Faith, and Obedience   (slides)

Oct 12 Sun PM, Obedience   (slides)

Oct 8 Wed PM Class, Questions on Prayer   (slides)

Oct 5 Sun AM Class, Gambling / Questions on Prayer   (slides)

Oct 5 Sun AM, What Must I Do to be Saved?   (slides)

Oct 5 Sun PM, Jesus, Love, and Obedience   (slides)

Oct 1 Wed PM Class, Gambling   (slides)

Sep 28 Sun AM Class, Holy Spirit Baptism verses the Gift of the Holy Spirit   (slides)

Sep 28 Sun AM, Daily Challenge to Trust and Obey   (slides)

Sep 28 PM, Growth of a Child of God   (slides)

Sep 26 Fri PM, How to Make a Spiritual Comeback  David Watson

Sep 25 Thur PM, When the Son of Man Comes in His Glory  David Watson

Sep 24 Wed PM, Age of the Earth  David Watson   (notes)   (slides)

Sep 24 Wed AM, Calling Evil Good and Good Evil  David Watson

Sep 23, Tue PM, Joseph of Arimathea  David Watson

Sep 23, Tue AM, Scientific Foreknowledge of the Bible  David Watson  (notes)  (slides)

Sep 22 Mon PM, Money and Contentment in Three Verses  David Watson

Sep 21 AM Class, Creating Spiritual Habits  David Watson

Sep 21 AM, Dealing with Discouragement  David Watson

Sep 21 PM, What the Angels Said about Jesus  David Watson

Sep 14 AM, Parable of the Talents - Devotion to teaching the Word   Craig Moore

Sep 14 PM, Who is Jesus?  Javier Leal

Sep 7 AM, Believing and Obeying   David Osteen

Aug 31 AM, The Family’s Effect of the Church   (slides)

Aug 31 PM, “not…but” degree of comparison   (slides)

Aug 24 AM, Secret of Contentment  Justin Brinkley

Aug 24 PM, Sailing the Seven Cs II   (slides)

Aug 17 AM, Unity  Joel Williams

Aug 17 PM, Report on work in South Africa, Namibia, Belgium  (slides)  Joel Williams

Aug 10 AM, Idolatry Today  Justin Brinkley

Aug 10 PM, Sailing the Seven Cs   (slides)

Aug 3 AM, Tithing   (slides)  (percentage chart)

Aug 3 PM, Hosea 2 - Story of Judgment and Love  (slides)  Justin Brinkley

July 27 AM, Teaching III (see 6/15/14 for lesson II)  (slides)

July 27 PM, Hosea 1 - God's wrath and judgment on His people (slides)  Justin Brinkley

July 20 AM, Worship - Giving   (slides)

July 20 PM, He Preached Jesus to Him   (slides)   Justin Brinkley

July 13 AM, Worship - Lord’s Supper   (slides)

July 13 PM, Jesus’ Ministry and Purpose II   (slides)   Justin Brinkley

July 6 AM, Worship - Prayer   (slides)

July 6 PM, Jesus’ Ministry and Purpose I  Justin Brinkley

June 29 AM, Worship - Singing   (slides)

June 22 PM, Transformation in the Life of Paul Justin Brinkley

June 22 AM, The Scriptures Teach that Water Baptism is Essential to Salvation   (slides)

June 15 PM, Teaching   (slides)

June 15 AM, The God that Is  (slides)

June 8 AM, Fellowship with God   Trey Haskett

June 8 PM, Regret Eric Ottersbach

June 1 AM, Looking Upward   (slides)   Trey Haskett

June 1 PM, The Dangers of Bad Influences   Andrew Brockner

May 25 AM, Repentance, Lk 15   (slides)

May 25 PM, Discrepancies—Witnesses of the Resurrection    (slides)

May 18 AM, Humble Service   Gary Scott

May 11 AM, Teaching   (slides)

May 11 PM, Sound or Sound Asleep   (slides)   Trey Haskett

May 4 AM, Church Discipline    (slides)

May 4 PM, Forum on Church Discipline

April 27 AM, The All-Seeing Eye   (slides)

April 27 PM, I will not speak anymore in His name   (slides)

April 20 AM, Rightly Handling the Word of Truth    (slides)  Trey Haskett

April 20 PM, The Power is in the Word  Trey Haskett

April 13 AM, Difficulties of Trials vs Victory of Faith   (slides)

April 13 PM, Synecdoche (2)   (slides)

April 6 AM, Why do we believe…

April 6 PM, Agency

Mar 30 AM, “I Have Sinned”   (slides)

Mar 23 AM, Alpha and Omega   (slides)

Mar 23 PM - Synecdoche    (slides)

Mar 16 AM, Luke’s Introduction  (slides)

Mar 16 PM, The Cancerous Nature of Sin  Trey Haskett  (slides)

Mar 9 AM, God’s Ways are Better for Training Youth   (slides)

Mar 9 PM, The Two Builders , Mt 7:24-29  (slides)

Mar 2 AM, God’s Ways are Better   (slides)

Mar 2 PM, Winning the Day Trey Haskett   (slides)

Feb 23 AM, Timeless Role Models   (slides)

Feb 23 PM, Timeless Role Models II   (slides)

Feb 16 AM, Prisoner but Free   (slides)

Feb 16 PM, God is Dead  Trey Haskett   (slides)

Feb 9 AM, Burdens — Four Kinds  (slides)  (supplemental notes)

Feb 9 PM, The Adulteress of John 8 (slides)

Feb 2 AM, LivingAndDyingWithChrist Col 2/12-3/10   (slides)

Feb 2 PM, The Lord Looks at the Heart    (slides)

The following six lessons were presented by Todd McAdams Jan 24-26...

Jan 24 Fri PM, What color were the children of the Amelekites?  Todd McAdams

Jan 25 Sat AM, Who can have a stable relationship with God?  Todd McAdams

Jan 25 Sat PM, Make it Your Battle  Todd McAdams

Jan 26 Sun PM Class, Answering Homosexuality  Todd McAdams

Jan 26 Sun AM, Something Greater than Jonah is Here  Todd McAdams  (slides)

Jan 26 Sun PM, God's Plan for Church Growth  Todd McAdams

Jan 19 AM, Ten Reasons Given for not Obeying the Gospel  David VanVoorhis

Jan 19 PM, Answer to Personal Prayer Requests

Jan 12 AM, Moses and the Pentateuch

Jan 12 PM, Delegated Authority Based on Relationships

Jan 5 AM, Answer to Prayer