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All sermons by Steve Fontenot unless otherwise noted.

Dec 30 AM, Why I Believe In Jesus   (slides)

    Objective reasons for believing in Jesus (Solid historical sources; Strong human testimony)

Dec 30 PM, Why I Believe In Jesus II   (slides)

    Objective reasons for believing in Jesus (Undeniable public miracles)

Dec 23 AM, Isaiah - Book of Salvation - Rocky Rodriguez (slides)

    Isaiah - a book about salvation, culminating in the Messiah

Dec 16 AM, The Social Gospel   (slides)

    Characteristices that make "The Social Gospel" a "different' gospel. 

Dec 9 AM, Demands of being in Christ   (slides)

    Requisites to maintaining our relationship to Christ

Dec 9 PM, "I want to be a member, but I was baptized by a Baptist preacher" - Now what?

    If someone told you this, what would YOU do?

Dec 2 AM, "But the nine—where are they?" Lk 17:11-19   (slides)

    This is Jesus question and highlights the importance of gratitude.

Dec 2 PM, John 20:19-23   (slides) (expanded notes)

    What is meant by, "He breathed on them and said to them, 'Receive the Holy Spirit'"?

Nov 25 AM, Cornelius and the Holy Spirit   (slides)

    Why did the Holy Spirit fall upon Cornelius and his household?

Nov 25 PM, Not of this World   (slides)

    Christians are in the world but not of the world—a position they should desire and can obtain

Nov 18 AM, The Devil   (slides)

    Questions about the devil; His being, character, and danger.

Nov 18 PM, Maturity  - Kyle Kasten

    Characteristics of maturity in a Christian

Nov 11 AM, Looking for the City (Heb 11:10)   (slides)

     Abraham's hope for the city whose architect and builder is God

Nov 4 AM, Prayer in the Life of Jesus   (slides)

     How often should we pray? What time of day? About what? Jesus serves as an example in prayer.

Oct 27 AM, "In the Beginning, God…" So What? How Know?   (slides)

     What difference does it make to believe in God as Creator? How can we know it is the truth?

Oct 27 PM, Hospitality  (slides)   (more expansive notes)

     What is "hospitality"? Why is it valuable? Problems in practicing it.

Oct 21 AM, Psalm 50 - God Will Judge His People  (slides)

     Psalm 50 focuses on God's judgment of His own people for two reasons.

Oct 21 PM, Four Principles to Live By   (slides)

     Four principles from God'sWord that can aid in making right decisions

Oct 14 AM, The "Days" of Creation II   (Slides)

     Evidence that the creation days are 24 hour days

Oct 14 PM, Views of the Church Affecting History   (Slides)

     Views about the "church" that lead to the formation of the American Christian Missionary Society

Oct 7 AM, The "Days" of Creation   (Slides)

    What difference does it make if the "days" of creation are interpreted to be ages?

Oct 7 PM, Divinely Assigned Roles   (Slides)

    Practical applications based on the respect for the roles God has assigned

Sep 30 AM, What People Rely On   (Slides)

     Some unreliable foundations people rely on for assurance of their relationship with God

Sep 30 PM, Legalism   (Slides)

     Are we “legalists” by emphasizing respect for and obedience to Divine Law?

Sep 23 AM, Selishness and Marriage   (Slides)

     A study of how selfishness impacts marriage

Sep 23 PM, Why I Cannot be a Member of some Churches of Christ   (Slides)

     Considerations in choosing a church to have fellowship with

Sep 16 AM, God's Word Governs - Craig Moore

    God's Word determines what is right in all issues - specific application to homosexuality and tradition

Sep 9 AM Class, Faith - Coy Baldwin

     Faith - its necessity, obstacles, and requisite obedience

Sep 9 AM, The Corinthian Church and Unity - Coy Baldwin

     Corinth a  church with diverse cultures and levels of maturity—considerations as it relates to unity

Sep 9 PM, Church Growth - Coy Baldwin

     The wrong emphasis and means for church growth vs the right emphasis and means

Sep 2 AM, Micah   (Slides)

     Micah - view from the perspective as "the word of the Lord."

Sep 2 PM, Churches of Christ Have Changed   (Slides)

    How  Churches of Christ have changed from God's plan 

Aug 26 AM, "Kingdom" (Slides)

     Connotation of "kingdom" as used in Scripture - three examples.

Aug 26 PM, Personal, Independent Action vs Common, Dependant Action   (Slides)

     What is the difference and what is the practical value of knowing it?

Aug 19 AM, Four Evils of this Modern Society - Rocky Rodriguez

     Four things not evil in themselves but mankind has turned them into evil practices.   

Aug 19 PM, Multiculturalism, Pluralism, Relativism  (Slides)

     Do multi-cultures justify multi-religions? Guidelines for confronting world religions.

Aug 12 AM, The Gospel of Christ and Pagan Religions   (Slides)

     Is the gospel of Christ borrowed from pagan religions?

Aug 12 PM, Are You Anti?   (Slides)

     What does it mean to be called "Anti"? Are you one?

Aug 5 AM, Are You a Christian? (Slides)

     Varying answers are given to this question. "Christian" defined biblically.

Aug 5 PM, The 1st Corinthian letter (Slides)

     Overview of chapters 8-16. See July 22 PM for chapters 1-7.

July 29 AM, Lessons from a Young Man's Death   (Slides)

July 22 AM, Atonement   (Slides)

     What it is, what it means to us, and its requisites

July 22 PM, The 1st Corinthian letter   (Slides)

     Overview of chapters 1- 7. See Aug 5 PM for chapters 8-12.

The next seven lessons are by Rick Liggin on the theme: Episodes in Daniel

     July 15 AM, God is Sovereign (Dan 4:28-32)

     July 15 PM, An Israelite Captive (Dan 1:1-2:49)

     July 16, Mon, Three Men in the Fire (Dan 3:1-30)

     July 17, Tue, The Humbling of a King (Dan 4:1-37)

     July 18, Wed, Leading to Repentance (Dan 4:27)

     July 19, Thu, God is Not Mocked (Dan 5:1-31)

     July 20, Fri, In the Lion's Den (Dan 6:1-28)

July 8 AM, Deliver Your Neighbor

     Responsibility we have to rescue our neighbor 

July 8 PM, I Desire Compassion, Not Sacrifice III   (Slides)

     Old Testament background of this proverbial statement   [Lesson 1 - June 24, AM]

July 1 AM, Jesus: Son of Man, Son of God, Lamb of God - Rocky Rodriguez

     What these terms mean when used in reference to Jesus Christ

July 1 PM, Three Questions about Acceptable Worship - Jon Banning

     Focus on instrumental music - is it acceptable worship?

June 24 AM, I Desire Compassion, Not Sacrifice [Mt 9:13; 12:7]   (Slides)

     What this does NOT teach   [Lesson 2 - PM]

June 24 PM, I Desire Compasion, not Sacrifice - II   (Slides)

     Considerations and consequeces of misinterpretation   [Lesson 3 - July 8 PM]

June 17 AM, Why Be A Christian? 

     Paul tried to persuade men to be Christians, Acts 26:28,29. Why?

June 17 PM, The Disturbing Christ

     Though Christ is the "Prince of Peace," his teaching often resulted in unrest and turmoil. 

June 10 AM, Studying the Bible - Mike Head

     Attitudes and approach to Bible study

June 3 PM, The Lord will Make a Way - Todd McAdams

     Whatever the trial, the Lord will make a way

June 3 AM, Repentance

     What is repentance? What leads to it and what results from it.

May 27 AM, Who is a Christian?

     Who really is a "Christian"?

May 27 PM, Sin's Blinding Touch

     Sin's power to blind us to the truth about ourselves and the will of God.

May 20 AM, What Must I Do to be Saved?

     That is, after baptism…?

May 20 PM, How Shall the Young Secure Their Hearts?

     Psa 119:9a - Two things the writer of Psalm 119 practiced.

May 13 AM, Dancing

     Is it wrong to dance?

May 13 PM, Dancing (forum)

    Forum based on morning lesson

May 6 AM, Portrait of the Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven [Mt 5-7]

     Mt 5-7 - Righteousness of the Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven

May 6 PM, Portrait of the Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven

     Mt 5-7 - Righteousness of the Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven

April 29, AM, Justifying Immorality

     Efforts to justify immorality

April 22 AM, How Shall the Young Secure Their Hearts?

     Psa 119:9a, "How can a young man keep his way pure?"

April 22 PM, Doing What We Know to Do

     Jn 13:17, "If you know these things, you are blessed if you do them."

April 15 AM, W-O-R-S-H-I-P

     Acrostic - Willingly; Orderly; Reverently

April 15 PM, W-O-R-S-H-I-P

     Acrostic - Sincerely; Humble; Individually; Purely

April 8 AM, Are You Disallusioned with Brethren?

     Survey of James' letter showing brethren may disappoint us and how we should react

April 8 PM, Authority and the Practices of Churches Today

     Are the practices of churches today authorized?  Can we show why we believe what we do?

April 1 AM, Six Questions of Life for Young People

     Questions worthy of high priority for young people

April 1 PM, Calling on the Name of the Lord

     What does "calling on the name of the Lord" mean in Romans 10:13?

March 25 AM, Back to Basics

     Basic concepts essential a sure and godly foundation for life

March 25 PM, Now That I've Obeyed the Gospel

     Responsibilites and goals once one has obeyed the gospel

March 18 AM, When "married," "divorced"?

     What is the Bibllical meaning of "married" and "divorced"?

March 11 AM, Who is this Man?

      A rational and credible way to answer this question is by looking at the historical documents.

March 4 PM, Will Only Members of the Church of Christ be Saved?

      The answer is "No," "No answer," "Yes," depending on what is meant by "church of Christ."

February 26 AM, The Great and Foremost Commandment

      Why is “You shall love the Lord your God ...” the “great and foremost commandment”?

February 26 PM, Four Kinds of Faith

      Little faith, Dead faith, Living faith, Great faith

February 19 AM, Why Do People Believe in Evolution

      Why is evolution so widely believed?

February 19 PM, Christ, Our Example II

      Five ways Christ is our example (lesson1, Feb. 12)

February 12 AM, Satan—Deceiving and Destroying Families II

     “Reasons”—excuses—deceived people give for adultery, divorce, affairs (lesson 1, Feb. 5)

February 12 PM, Christ, Our Example

      Five ways Christ is our example (lesson 2, Feb. 19)

February 5 AM, Satan-Deceiving and Destroying Families

     “Reasons”—excuses—deceived people give for adultery, divorce, affairs (lesson 2, Feb. 12)

February 5 PM, Missing Premise

      Reasoning from the Scriptures—The missing premise

January 29 Sun AM Class, The Discipline of Devotion - George Slover

      Suggestions for daily devotion

January 29 Sun AM, God's Plan for Spiritual Growth - George Slover

      Based on the letter to the Ephesians

January 29 Sun PM, Joshua's Strategy for the Family - George Slover

      Joshua 24:13-15 - practical considerations based on Joshua’s challenge

January 28 Sat AM, Five Who Followed Jesus - George Slover

      Based on Jn 1:35f — the five disciples in this text and how they came to follow Jesus

January 28 Sat PM, Life Isn't Fair - George Slover

      Concepts of God that help to cope when life isn’t fair

January 27 Fri PM, The Christian's Worldview - George Slover

      The Apostle Paul’s perspective of our earthly existence

January 22 Sun AM, January 22 AM, Maintaining Doctrinal Purity III

      Attitudes that undermine it and attitudes that ought to be avoided (lesson 1, Jan. 1 PM)

January 22 PM, Love of Children

      Nature and responsibilities of the family love of parents for children

January 15 AM, Maintaining Doctrinal Purity II

      Attitudes that undermine it and attitudes that ought to be avoided (lesson 3, Jan. 22 PM)

January 8 AM, Honor Father and Mother—Difficulties  (slides)

      Issues relative to honoring father and mother

January 8 PM, Honor Father and Mother—Difficulties (Forum)

      Forum based on morning lesson

January 1 AM, Our Majestic Lord

      What is implied in, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to Him!”

January 1 PM, Maintaining Doctrinal Purity

      Attitudes that undermine it and attitudes that ought to be avoided (lesson 2, Jan. 15 AM)